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What Is Reiki United

Reiki is the gift of healing from the Universe, and everyone is equipped to learn how to harness and use its vast resources. No one is exempt!  The skills and techniques associated with Reiki are simple and easy to learn. Both Children and adults can equally identify, comprehend, and incorporate this ancient form of healing into their lives. Using Reiki on a daily basis will bring the recipient’s mind, body, and spirit into balance. And can also help prevent future disease and illness.

As technology advances; people rely on it foremost, for everything. Modern Industrialized Humans tend to forget the endless potential of Power available from Universal Consciousness. Yet Creation type energy has always been! Before humankind, you, plants, animals, and this world, there was the Power to Create. And it will continue to be there, long after you are gone.

If one examines the histories of peoples ancestors, before modern advances in medicine, you can see that many societies used Universal and Creation Created potions for healing; Homeopathic means of all sorts – practiced around the globe for wellbeing. Moreover, many ancient lived cultures, still in existence today, never wholly dissipated their knowledge, passing holistic treatments down through the generations.

Fortunately, for humankind and the future civilizations of earth, increased numbers of people, all over the world, are re-awakening to the power of the unseen forces of Universal Consciousness and the availability of energetic healing through laying on of hands, Reiki, in person and remotely.

Moreover, the exponential growth of Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Starseeds, and the New Age Movement in general, is becoming more widely accepted across the globe.

Also, many of the Christian Faiths are expanding in their beliefs, that they should extend healing powers as Jesus the Christ did. And that they would operate in surpassing gifts, as Jesus taught, and instructed in the book of John 14, of the Bible. Many believe that people are now in those times prophesied of in the bible.

As a result of the Great Awakenings to Truth, occurring, many want to learn how to hold more power and effect theirs, and others live for the better. Still, others feel a profound, heartfelt compulsion to heal the planet or work with animals on an energetic level. No matter your mission, all aspects of Energy Healing is beneficial and Holy to the Whole! Your strength and commitment to the healing of us All are welcomed!

Utilizing the wonders and technologies of this age and the longings to share what is discovered and beheld, is what is offered to you here in this course. Join the growing numbers of Souls who are attracting the powers of the Universe through the practice of Reiki. And, by doing so are living healthier, happier and more balanced lives; finding contentment and peace.

By learning and practicing Reiki you become a part of this evolving, uniting, and creative energy!

How Reiki United Began

After years of practicing and teaching Reiki in-person, mother, Connie and daughter Deann were led to create a comprehensive Reiki course that covered – using and intergrating tools and teqniqes from other Energy Healing Modalities, and share it around the world; Hence the name Reiki United. 

Connie and Deann found that they and others using Reiki as a healing modality were implementing the use of other energy medicine techniques, not traditionally taught in Usia Reiki. For examples: chakra, aura and color therapy, crystals and stones,  music, tones, breath work, chants, hypnosis, varying hand positions, calling in assistance from Angels or other Spirit guides, etc. They wanted to put all that information into one place; Reiki United.

They also wanted to make learning how to do Reiki easy and accessible to the world;  an Online course seemed to meet the need. But they didn’t want to have, just an online Reiki course; they wanted it to be personal, like if you took an in-studio class. So they set out to create a community, where those who study and practice and implement Reiki could get together and compare notes and share with each other, moral support, education and healing. 

But they also realized that people have other obligations and may need flexibility, not able to commit to a set class schedule; Yet others need or want a structure to help them in completing the task of taking an online self-paced course. 

The solutions to these proper restraints? Flexibility and innovation using modern marvels, such as the internet, web hosting, widgets, video, audio, social media.  And they plan that Reiki United courses and content will continue to evolve as available technology and information do.  

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