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Connie Preston Parker and Deann Layne Carter are a mother-daughter team. Both are fully awakened Starseeds and Lightworkers, attuned to the Angelic Realms and in communications with Ascended Masters and their individual Spirit Guides. Both enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have obtained the Christ Consciousness. Between them, they have over fifty years of Ascension experiences to glean from in the making of this and other programs for Healing, Awakening, and Ascension.


Connie is a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the State of Texas and has worked with most age groups and health levels in that field of care.

She holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Healing, consisting of over twenty-two certifications, including all levels of Usia, and Ascension Reiki, Animal Reiki, Shamanism, and other methods of Energy Medicine.

Connie is a licensed Hypnotherapist specializing in Spiritual Hypnosis; Past Lives, Life Between Lives, and Meditations for Ascension Living.

 She is a Spirit Communicator and Channels her Higher-self, Ascended Masters, and her Star-Council and a specialty council created for the Ascension process called, The Council Of Eight. She co-authored a channeled book available at Amazon.com called.  “Star-Seeded Ascensions Messages From The Councils,” by Connie Parker and Amy Sikarskie.

Connie also manages a Forming outreach for the Ascension Process called  Ascension-Seeds Network LLC.  If you would like more information on what she is up to with this growing community please visit  www.AscensionSeedsNetwork.com

Deann was first introduced to Reiki by her mother, Connie Preston Parker in 2013.  She immediately fell in love with the idea of self-care and healing others through energy flow. After four years of training in the art of Reiki, and energy healing, she opened her studio, Highlands Reiki LLC, in 2017.

Deann enjoys furthering her knowledge and education in her energy practice by studying spiritually based and self-help books (her favorites written by Deepak Chopra) podcasts, going to lectures, attending seminars, and traveling.

Her most recent workshop – Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ with Lena Meyer | During Lena’s all day workshop Deann learned many new tools enhance and expand in her intuition.

Deann received her teacher certification in Usui Reiki with Eileen Dey Wurst, M.A, LMHC. Eileen founded and directed The Reiki Training Program in Seattle, WA., the only state-licensed vocational school of Reiki. Now she owns and operates Highlands Reiki Studio, where she trains Reiki Practitioners in all degrees of Reiki, facilitates Reiki Circles, group meditations, silent retreats, and mindfulness practices.

Deann is co-owner of Reiki United, an interactive online learning center. Reiki United is where she and her partner, Connie Preston Parker, will be offering numerous courses, seminars, and training in Reiki, energy healing, earth healing, advanced aura, and chakra education to name a few, beginning in early fall 2018.

Deann obtained her Master Life Coach certification in 2015 through Richard Seaman, Master Life Coach, and author at Seattle Life Coach Training School. She trained for a total of 120 recorded hours which included over 60 hours of coaching others and being coached herself. This incredible experience allowed her to become happier, healthier, and appreciate all the little things in life that make it so unique.

Deann manages the Meetup group:  https://www.meetup.com/Renton-Reiki-Meetup/, where she posts all her upcoming courses, Reiki shares, meditation practices, and more.

She also organizes Reiki Circles at https://www.meetup.com/Reiki-Fellowship/ And   https://www.meetup.com/Reiki-South-Sounders/

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